Mrs. McVittie’s Grade 2/3 Webpage

Welcome to the Grade 2/3 class.  Look what we are learning in class. 


Students are working on a unit called Celebrate Traditions in Nelson Literacy.  They are learning about different holidays, festivals, and celebrations. 

Please check out the link below to practice spelling words.  There are several free activities to choose from.

Spelling City


Students are working on 2D and 3D shapes.  They are learning about sides, vertices, edges, and shapes in the every day world.

Please check out the link below to practice math strands covered in class  Students need their username and password to sign in.





Students are working on a unit called Mechanics at Work.  They are learning about how things move, and about different simple machines such as levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wheel and axles, screws, and wedges.

Social Studies

Students are working on a unit called We Are Canadians.  They are learning about the different cultures, celebrations, food, music, and dances of Canadians.  They are learning important Canadian symbols, and  famous places and people in Canada.


Important Dates                                           

May 2: Jump Rope for Heart

May 14: Mother’s Day

May 22: Victoria Day – No School