Mrs. McVittie’s Grade 2 Webpage 



Students will be working on a unit called ‘What is a Story?’ in Nelson Literacy.  They will be  learning about parts of a book, and elements of a story such as characters, setting, events, problems, and solutions. 

Please check out the link below to practice spelling words.  There are several free activities to choose from.

Spelling City


Students will be working on a unit on ‘Number to 50’.  They are will be looking at calendar numbers, counting on a number line, estimating quantity, representing, comparing, and describing numbers, and counting money.

Please check out the link below to practice math strands covered in class  Students need their username and password to sign in.





Students will be working on a unit called ‘All About Animals’.  They will be investigating similarities and differences in the characteristics of animals, how animals grow and change, and the impact animals and humans have upon one another.

Social Studies

Students will be. working on a unit called ‘Our Blue Planet’.  They will be learning about parts of a globe, exploring maps, how to read legends, various landforms such as forests, tundra, grasslands, and mountains, as well as comparing life in various countries to their own country.


Important Dates                                           

October 5 – Student Council Assembly

October 9 – Thanksgiving Monday

October 18-19 – Mad Science

October 19 – Diwali

October 23 – Pumpkin Patch

October 27 – Teagan’s Birthday

October 31 – Halloween Activities/Trick or Treating