Welcome to Grade 7/8

The first month has come and gone. Students are into their curriculum learning. Many students are not getting their work completed which is then homework. Please ask your child for their agenda every night to ensure they are staying on top of their work. If they do not have their agenda, all their work is complete. Please make sure your child is leaving their phone at home. There has been problems with students on their phone or I pods during class.

PLEASE make sure your child has the following:

Please ensure your child has the following:

  • A large backpack
  • Indoor shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Gym Clothes
  • Headphones

There has been some accidents with our class calculators. Several have been ruin and broke, so I am asking if parents can, please purchase a scientific calculator for your child. They will also need this in their high school years. The calculator can be bought at Walmart for $10.00.

Our breakfast program has not come it yet. I am asking parents to contribute by donating snack items to the class or between $3.00-$5.00 for milk. We have 18 students in the class.

Homework Policy

The homework students get will be what they did not finish in class. I will keep the website updated weekly with regards to assignments that are due. If you wish for your child to have more homework please let me know and I will have a homework duotang for them to bring home.

Creating a Bully Free Classroom and School

In order to eliminate bullying at our school, we will be teaching all the students a different virtue every week. For the month of September, students will learn about caring, cleanliness, compassion, and cooperation. Students will also be working to improve their Social Education Skills, starting with problem solving.


For students to be eligible to participate in sports, they m

Upcoming Events

September 27th- Chapter 1 math test- students have their math review we created together and practice questions

September 28 to 29- Cultural Day

October 3rd- Geography Test- students have all required materials to study

October 9th- Thanksgiving Holiday

October 12- Cross Country Meet

As for curriculum learning students are learning:

Math-factors, powers, exponents, scientific notation

ELA- Novel study: The Boy Who Dared, sentence convections, and paragraph writing

Science: Cells, Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems

Geography: What is Human Geography and why is it important?

I will keep the website on a regular basis. Please check back often.  Thanks