Delays & Closures

Kiwetin Kikinamading typically remains open Monday through Friday of the school year. Unforeseen circumstances may delay the opening of the school, bussing and possible weather may cause a closure.

Notification of school delays or cancellations, will be posted on the CJTT 104.5 FM website  and announced on CHNT 92.3 FM. The school Facebook Page ( will   also indicate delays and closures.

Cold Weather Delays
Provincial legislation requires that school bussing be prohibited from running. Policy is to delay bussing for a period of two hours subject to improvement in air temperature. However staff are at school at 8:15am, if there is a 2hr. delay for bussing, you can drop off your child(ren) at the school, if you wish. If your child(ren) insist on walking please ensure that they are dressed appropriately.

Inclement Weather
In the event of weather that would endanger students travelling to and from school, school may be delayed or cancelled at the discretion of administration.

Safety of Students
School may be dismissed, evacuated, or cancelled at any such time as the health and safety of the students may be deemed to be at risk. This typically would include issues with the building, services, threats, or fire alarms.

Parental and Guardian Contact
It is imperative that home and alternate contact information be kept up to date at the school office. In the event of interruption of the normal school day, accidents  illness, or safety concerns, it may be necessary to contact parents or guardians.