Technology has become an integral part of society and education. At Kiwetin school our goal is to empower our students with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to manipulate technology to enhance their learning experience and to effectively navigate our increasing technology infused world.

Access to a computer at home, and ideally the internet, can be of strong benefit to your child’s education. Classroom web pages may contain reminders, enrichment materials, homework, classroom instructions and information for parents.


At Kiwetin we are vigilant in ensuring the safety of our students when using technology and particularly the internet. It should be noted that safety is a shared responsibilty between teachers, staff, parents and students. It is important that parents and guardians maintain on-going discussion with their children as to acceptable use of technology at home and at school. Students bear an onus to treat all equipment with respect and adhere to acceptable use policies.

The following resources contain valuable information to help ensure your child’s safety while providing at home technology access.

Free for at home Use   => anti-virus software    => word processing

Things to be aware of   => internet safety   => web filtering

Things to watch for   => cyber-bullying  => Bullying Canada

Best Practices   => firewalls  => anti-virus software

Technolgy at Kiwetin   => SmartBoard, Deepfreeze, Netop